3MW Firetube Boiler

A new 3MW Waste Oil Firetube, getting read to ship to Tablebirds Lae, PNG

    Boiler Training

    TBS Conducts Boiler Training course for the technicians at Goodman Fielders Lae, PNG

      PNG Visit

      TBS Visits Rabaul East New Britain, PNG

        Visit to China

        Zhengzhou Boiler CO recognises TBS Expertise & has invited our CEO for a visit to China


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          Boilers, Sales and Support in Papua New Guinea (PNG)

          Tru-Steam Boilers & Service Pty Ltd is globally recognised as leader in boiler sales, boiler installation, boiler service and boiler training. We provide installation of water tube boilers, fire tube boilers, gas boilers, wood fired boilers, coal fired boilers, vertical boilers and hot water steam boilers. We have been working in Papua New Guinea (PNG) for more than 22 years.

          TBS Port Moresby
          Port Moresby,
          Papura New Guinea
          PH: +61 2 9754 2166

          TBS LAE
          Lae, Morobe Province,
          Papua New Guinea
          PH: +61 2 9754 2166

          TBS KOKOPO
          Kokopo District,
          East New Britain Province,
          Papua New Guinea
          PH: +61 2 9754 2166

          Steam Boiler Manufacturer PNG

          Tru-Steam Boilers & Service Pty Ltd has been manufacturing and supplying Papua New Guinea (PNG) with boilers & boiler related services including boiler training for decades, here are some of of our recent boiler installations:

          • Hugo Canning, Port Moresby
          • Nestle, Lae
          • SP Brewery, Port Moresby
          • Amalpack, Lae
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          • Goodman Fielders, Port Moresby, Lae
          • Table birds, Lae
          • Laga Industries, Lae
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          • Spic N Span, Port Moresby
          • Balsa, Kokopo
          • Coconut Products, Kokopo
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          Fire Tube Boilers

          Fire tube boilers work on the basis of passing fire through tubes, these tubes run through a sealed tank of water. The heat travels through the walls of the tubes using thermal conduction. Through this process the water is heated creating condensed steam. One of the biggest advantages of using fire tube boilers is due to multiple pipes been used in the process, a larger heating surface area is created for the same overall boiler volume.

          Water Tube Boilers

          Water tube boilers work on the basis of water circulating in tubes, these tubes are heated by fire. The furnace can be powered by different fuel types such as Oil, gas, wood, coal and agricultural waste. This process heats the pipes, creating steam. One of the biggest advantages of water tube boilers is; because they are compatible with multiple fuel types they are energy efficient.

          Gas Boilers

          Gas Boilers are steam boilers which use gas as their fuel type. In most countries gas is an economical choice of fuel making it an obvious choice for commercial boiler applications in Papua New Guinea.

          Vertical Boilers

          Vertical Boilers are compact units and are designed to make the most from a small area. These boilers are generally used by businesses requiring a smaller output volume of steam, such as dry cleaners. All of our vertical boilers come with boiler safety and control management systems which control all aspects of the boiler including stop quality water lvl security, automatic combustion and more.

          Coal Fired Boilers

          In PNG Coal Fired Boilers are quite popular, this is mainly due the fact of the inexpensive fuel type been coal. We provide the total solution for coal fired boilers, everything from installation to exhaust gas emission mitigation.

          Wood Fired Boilers

          Wood fired boilers burn wood & wood waste to create heat. This is one of the most economical choices for a boiler for the lumber industry.

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